Instructions for Presenters

Oral presentations

All oral presenters are requested to upload an electronic version of their presentation to the workshop computer prior to the start of the session. The presentation file must be on a USB stick. Presenters may use their own computers for presentation if they would like. Please check if their computers work well with the projector before the session starts. 

The workshop will provide a computer running a Japanese version of Microsoft Windows with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and Adobe Reader X installed. Presentation will be in Microsoft PowerPoint format or Adobe PDF format. If oral presenters prepare their presentations on a non-Japanese Microsoft Windows, or if they use some special fonts, it is recommended to save their PowerPoint or PDF presentations with True Type fonts embedded.

Please do not forget to keep 5 minutes for discussion.

Poster presentations

Posters will be allocated a space of 180 cm high by 120 cm wide. Please be advised that the lower half of poster boards is unsuitable for presentation.

Poster presenters should mount their materials before 14:45, and remove them at 17:30.

SSV 2013 sponsored by JST-ALCA SFQ Project and MEXT SFQ Project